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Home Entertainment Systems

VidCorp can install and design custom entertainment systems including  Sound and Video Systems, DSS Satellite Systems and Surround sound systems that will bring your home into the next millennium.

Whether you're looking for a home theater as a private screening room or just want to streamline the remotes on your coffee table, we can help.

Distributed Audio system

Listen to music in every room in your home. Play up to 6 different music sources in any room. Listen to your favorite CD's , FM stations, XM Radio, TV or Satellite with just a push of a button.

Distributed video system

Watch your favorite Satellite or cable program from any room in the house. View your video cameras from any TV. Watch your home from the office from your computer. Play a DVD and watch it on any TV in the house.

Home Theater system

All of your home theater equipment is setup on professional rack systems. Hide your home theater equipment and control it from anywhere in the house. Watch your DVD movies on a Plasma TV monitor. Watch HDTV programs from Satellite or local off air programs.